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Last Minute Travel


Last Minute Travel

From Mike Haney in Travel & Leisure:
For spur-of-the-moment long weekends, is a great starting point.  Named for the fifty-ninth minute, it bundles air, hotel, and rental car deals from more than 2,600 companies into flexible and reasonably priced two-to six-night weekend trips.  Travel can be booked anywhere from 14days to three hours before departure.

If a weekend isn?t enough time away, check out www., which sells longer trips. Among the best values are its condo rentals, available in about 150 cities worldwide at a fixed rate of $430 per week for two people.  If you want to bundle in your airfare,  11thHourVacations also lists charter flights. posts its top 25 deals every week; among them are exclusive offers as well as discount fares on low-cost carriers such as Jet-Blue (which aren?t usually sold on third-party sites).  Some of the best values are last-minute cruises.

Last Minute Airfares from the Six Major Airlines
On Tuesdays, the airline lists domestic NetSaavers fares for the coming two
weekends and international fares for the second weekend.
The carrier posts domestic-only specials on Wednesdays for travel the coming weekend.
In addition to its WebFares, which are released on Wednesdays, Delta offers FanFares-the same idea. only they?re published Sundays and are related to specific sporting events.
Its CyberSavers fares come out on Wednesdays and are mostly for flights from hub cities, including Detroit, Memphis, and Minneapolis. (click on "Special Deals" and then "E-Fares")
Released Tuesdays, its abundant E-Fares are searchable by departure city and include international and domestic flights for the coming
two weekends.
E-Savers, posted on Wednesdays, list not only domestic fares for the coming weekend but, on occasion, discounted international flights.

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