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Filtering the Internet


Filtering the Internet

Filtering software is one of the most popular ways to keep children safe and employees out of mischief on the Internet. By carefully listening to everything that comes and goes across a computer's Internet connection, a filter can intercept and prevent the transmission or receipt of questionable materials ? such as profane words, provocative images, and politically incorrect language.

Several filtering programs are available on the Internet and these are all (at least) fairly good at what they do. Here are some of the more popular packages for you to consider:
  • CyberPatrol: One of the oldest and most respected names in content control is CyberPatrol. One key feature is that it blocks access to certain Internet sites based on lists which are compiled by CyberPatrol themselves and updated daily. The advantage is that CyberPatrol is able to block offensive sites almost as quickly as they pop up. The disadvantage is that you have to pay extra for a subscription to their list service.
  • ChatNANNY: ChatNANNY is very easy-to-use, inexpensive software that monitors all of the chatting and Web usage that occurs on a given computer. Anything offensive that occurs in any of these contexts is logged for later viewing.
  • CYBERsitter: CYBERsitter is excellent filtering software. Like CyberPatrol, it features up-to-the-minute blocking lists available and maintained over the Internet. Unlike CyberPatrol, however, it requires no subscription fees.


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