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Changing the Subject Line on an Email


Changing the Subject Line on an Email

By editing the subject lines of messages you receive, you can organize your mail according to your own scheme. Very handy. The only thing to keep in
mind is if you reply to the sender after editing the subject line they may get confused.

If you get faxes or voicemail sent to you automatically via email, you can change the subject to something that makes sense to you.


Simply open the message (by double clicking on it) and edit the contents of the subject box.


Open the message, edit the subject line, close the message and, when prompted, save the changes. The trick with this is the subject line doesn't look editable because it's on a grey background, but it works nevertheless.

Turn on in-cell editing and you can change the subject line without having to open the email and re-save it at all. This works best if you have the Preview Pane turned on:

        [Outlook 2000/XP]

        From the View Menu select Current View -> Customize Current View -> View Summary -> Other Settings -> Rows, enable the Allow In-cell Editing option, and click OK.

        [Outlook 2003]

        From the View Menu select Arrange By -> View -> Customize Current View -> Other Settings and enable Allow In-cell Editing.

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