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Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Office


Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Office

Every Microsoft Office user should know these keyboard shortcuts,, which work the same in nearly every single Windows program, not just in Office:

Ctrl+C copies whatever is selected and puts it on the clipboard
Ctrl+X cuts whatever is selected and puts it on the clipboard
Ctrl+V puts whatever is on the clipboard into the document

If you're using the Office Clipboard (which holds 24 items in Word 2002 and 2003, or 12 items in Word 2000), Ctrl+V puts the last clipboard item in the document.

Ctrl+A selects everything

Ctrl+Z undoes the last thing you (or Office) did

Ctrl-S Saves your file.  USE EARLY AND OFTEN.

Alt+Tab cycles through all running applications; if you're lucky, you can use it to get out of an Office app if it freezes

Ctrl+Alt+Del (the "three finger salute") brings up the Windows Task Manager (in Windows XP and 2000) so you can kill a frozen Office app

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