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Wallpapering with Web Graphics


Wallpapering with Web Graphics

Internet Explorer makes it a snap to copy a favorite graphic from a Web page, or a photo in jpeg format, and save it as a wallpaper file that you can then use as the background for your Windows desktop.

To turn a Web graphic or a photo into wallpaper for your desktop, follow these simple steps:
  1. Use Internet Explorer to go to the Web page that contains the graphic you want to save as wallpaper.   For a jpeg photo, simply drag it into your IE window or click on file, open and load it into IE.
  2. Right-click the Web graphic to display its pop-up shortcut menu and then click the Set as Wallpaper command. As soon as you click Set as Wallpaper, IE copies the selected graphic onto your hard disk in the \Windows directory with the filename Wallpaper.bmp and then makes this graphic the wallpaper for your desktop.

To remove the Web graphic wallpaper, right-click the desktop and choose Properties on the desktop shortcut menu to open the Display Properties dialog box. Then, choose a new graphics or HTML file for the wallpaper in the Select a background picture or HTML document as Wallpaper list box on the Background tab. If you no longer want any graphic displayed as the wallpaper, select the (None) option at the top of the drop-down list.

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