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Changing the CASE of Your Text


Changing the CASE of Your Text

Upper- and lowercase text effects aren't considered part of a font, character attribute, or format. But still, the Word geniuses at Microsoft found room in their bustling bag o' tricks for a two-fingered command that lets you mix around the case of your text.

Press Shift+F3 to change the case of your text.

The Shift+F3 command works on a block of selected text or on any single word the toothpick cursor is in (or next to).

Press Shift+F3 once to change a lowercase word to an initial cap (or all words to initial cap). Press the key combination again to change the words to ALL CAPS. Press it again to change the text to lowercase. And yet again to start the process all over.

You can also use the Format, Change Case menu command, which calls up the Change Case dialog box and lets you choose specific combinations of upper- and lowercase letters for your text.


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