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Cropping Digital Photos


Cropping Digital Photos

"Photography, be it digital or traditional, is in many respects an applied art. There are technical aspects to taking the 'snap shot' but there's also a significant artistic component in the composition of memorable photos. Every picture tells a story and how we crop an image is an integral part of the story telling process.

While there are many aspects of photography including depth of field, lighting, color balance, etc., which affect an images impact, cropping is one of the most fundamental principles in image composition. In this article we'll take a brief overview of what cropping is and why it's important to image composition and the impact it can have on the viewer.

Remember, cropping is as much an art form as it is a technical operation. No two images or scenes are the same and therefore no two cropping solutions will be the same. Concentrate on the fundamental issues behind why an image is being cropped and then be bold and experiment. Learning from failures is just as valuable as learning from successes."

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