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Remote Controller Replacements


Remote Controller Replacements

Has replacement remote controls for almost any electronic equiptment.  Read the site's FAQ:

Q. I don't have the Model number of my remote because it is lost. Can I still get a new remote?
A. Yes, you can enter the model number off the equipment the remote operates. Our website search engine accepts: Model numbers off the remote, Model numbers off the equipment, and even a Manufacture's Part number.

Q. Are these "universal" remotes?
A. NO, we specialize in factory original replacement remotes. That means, when you order a remote from us, it will look just like the one that came with your equipment. It matches the picture in your owner's manual and does Not need to be programmed. It will operate every feature your unit was intended to operate. If the original remote is no longer available, we usually  have a substitute that will still do all the features without having to be programmed.  We also guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied or we'll buy the remote back, For 1 Year!!

Q. How much is an original replacement remote control?
A. Original remotes vary in price from under $20 to well over a $1000. 

Q. How much is the shipping charge for US customers?
A. We ship all of our remotes in the United States by Priority Mail through the US Postal Service. This will normally get your order to you in about 7 days from the time you place your order. The shipping charge is $7.95 per order, not per remote. So no matter how big your order is, the same low price of $7.95 applies. We do have faster shipping available on selected items. If you would like your remote shipped by faster service, please call us at 1-800-REMOTES (736-6837) for pricing and availability.

Q. Can you ship outside of the United States?
A. Yes! We can ship your remote anywhere in the world. For all Canadian customers, the shipping price is $7.95, and will normally get to you in about two weeks from the time you place your order. For shipments anywhere outside of the United States and Canada, your order will normally get to you in two weeks for a total shipping charge of $25.00. Again, no matter how big your order, the same price of $25.00 applies. Any tariffs or taxes applied by your country are your responsibility.

Q. Where is the model number?
A. Most model numbers are on the back side of the equipment the remote originally came with..

Q. Will a serial number work?
A. Sorry, serial numbers do not tell us which remote you need.

Q. Will a universal remote work my TV?
A. Maybe, Maybe not. Universal remotes need to be programmed to the brand you want to operate. Once programmed, they may or may not operate your equipment. You may have to try multiple code numbers, one after the other in the hopes that one of the codes will work your unit. If you find a code that works your unit, it may not do all the function your original remote did. It most likely will operate only "basic" functions. The way the buttons are laid out will always be different than the original remote that came with your unit.
That is why the Original Remote Control is always preferred.

Q. I need a code for my Universal Remote control. Do you have it?
A. We have a page of links to universal code libraries on the web.

Q. I need a code for my Original Remote control. Do you have it?
A. We have a page of Original Remote codes.

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