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Gifts for Geeks II

Brando Hand-Pressing Flashlight

Excerpted from  Review by Judie Hughes

The Hand-Pressing Flashlight (HPF) is a very nicely done two-LED torch that requires no batteries. An added bonus is that it is roughly half the size of the previously reviewed model, making the HPF very pocketable. There is even a handy wrist strap permanently attached to the rear of the torch for added security when in use.

brando-hand-pressing-flashlight1.jpgMeasuring approximately 4" long x 2" wide by 1" thick and weighing just 3.5 ounces, the HPF packs quite a bit of power into a compact package. The exterior is composed of smoky blue translucent plastic. It feels quite solid, although when torqued there is a slight bit of flexing between the molded plastic body and the opaque gray torch head.

As previously mentioned, the HPF uses hand cranking to power the twin LEDs, instead of batteries. The hand crank is released by sliding the rear catch to the back position. The flashlight is powered on or off by sliding the switch closest to the torch head either to the forward or rear positions. 

Once the crank has been released, the user simply holds the flashlight in the palm of either hand while squeezing the crank with the same hands fingers.

The HPF has two bright white LEDs that produce a fair amount of light once powered. Although it is not enough light to spot the glow of a raccoon's eyes from within a tree from thirty feet, it is sufficient to keep its user from tripping on a dark hazardous path.

Through a series of simple experiments, I found that starting with a completely dead flashlight and giving twenty squeezes produced a good strong beam for over 30 minutes before it began to noticeably taper. Of course, after just one crank the light will immediately begin to glow strong once again.

The Gadget Brando Hand Powered Flashlight is a very well designed inexpensive flashlight that will provide emergency light whenever needed. It is priced like a toy, but after two months of use I can say that it does not perform as one, and at this price it should be feasible to equip every one of your vehicles' glove boxes with an HPF, as well as utility drawers and first aid kits.

Price: $8.00

Bright light produced with a minimum of hand-cranking
Perfect to keep in the glovebox or utility drawer for emergencies



Craftsman’s Dual Laser Drill

By David Ponce

It’s the bane of pseudo-handymen worldwide: having to align those holes so that your darling’s pretty handpicked artwork lines up perfectly. Usually, you have to measure from the ceiling, or from a doorframe and mark the spot on the wall. And that, my friend, takes effort, which you’ll remember, you’re fatally allergic to.

Well, no more of that.

For $70, you can purchase, right here, from Sears, this drill from Craftman that comes equipped with two lasers: one vertical and the other horizontal. The laser traces a line on the wall, which you can use to make certain your next hole is at the same level as the previous, without having to take the measuring tape out.

So, no, it’s probably not new. So sue me. I want a show of hands of who’s seen this for the first time, so I can make my point.

LED Faucet Light

faucetlight_small.jpgThe faucet experience is so boring. Clear water, always the clear water. What if you could have a party in your faucet? Turn the water on, and the running water activates the LED, making the water look bright blue. You could also use it as an additional light source for doing sexy dishes. Each faucet light set includes 3 button cell batteries, a wire screen, 2 universal adapters. All of that for about $14.97. Not too bad for something that’ll add some pizazz to the bathroom, letting you wash in the same blue colored water that swirls around the toilet bowl. Ah, refreshing!

Faucet Light

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