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Gifts for Geeks III

Poop Carrier for Dogs


poopsadaisy-1.jpgThe Poopsadaisy—“Let your dog carry the load.”—is a strap on sack so Fido can carry his own leavings on those long walks in the back country where there are no trash cans for miles. While I can’t really imagine the niche of dog-owner that might enjoy this—perhaps the sort that doesn’t want to share ANYTHING with ANYBODY precious bodily solids included?—I’m sure the praise you get for sticking a bag of dung on your dog’s back will be worth the mental illness you suffer.


Recordable Photo Clock


Enjoy your favorite faces and their precious voices with each passing hour! Personalize this wall clock with photos and custom recordings for each hour. Record a grandchild’s first words or a close friend’s greeting. (If no message is recorded, clock will announce the hour instead.) Ideal for school pictures, weddings, or grandparents! Light sensor deactivates sound when room is dark.

Everyone at the party had a digital photo taken and then went into a room to record a message for our friends. They’ll love hearing all of their old friends’ voices every hour on the hour in their new apartment!

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