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Source: Spungle: RubyLane (Verdict: What a site!)

We’ll admit it, we love eBay.  However, one of things that we hate about eBay is the fact that shady sellers sometimes dupe you in to viewing their product by including garbage in their titles and descriptions.  Also, sometimes you’re in the mood to shop through fine vintage goods and a simple search for “vintage” produces tens of thousands results.  So, what do you do you when you’re looking for antiques, collectibles fine art and vintage merchandise?  Take a walk down RubyLane and start the shopping!
We logged on to Ruby Lane and were pleasantly surprised by the speed and simplicity of the site.  We were in search of a vintage mens briefcase.  After a quick search for “briefcase” we were brought to a selection of briefcases available from reliable sellers, and before we knew it, we found our dream bag.  That simple!

Now, to be fair, one of us has a bag that is extremely similar to this one, so we’re actually not going to purchase it and leave it available for a lucky reader who’s looking to buy a bag at a steal of price.  But, using this bag as an example, you’d be amazed by what you can find.  It’s like having a high-quality thrift shop right in apartment sans the odor of mothballs.

With over 165 million hits a month Ruby Lane we’re obviously not the only ones that are in love with this site!
So, what are you waiting for?  Take a stroll down the magical Ruby Lane for some high quality easy to find luxury vintage items. We promise you’ll love it!

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