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Stash My Mail - quick and easy bulk archiving of your webmail messages - The Red Ferret Journal

From Red Ferret:


Stash My Mail is a new service which provides a quick and easy way to backup your webmail messages. Ah, you may say, but I can do that just by using POP3 and my desktop client. And you’re right. But this service is designed for downloading all your messages in one handy zip file, which is not so easy to do otherwise.


It’s a pretty cool way of grabbing your messages so you can migrate from one email service to another and it works with most of the major webmail services like AOL, Gmail and Yahoo!, although no Hotmail support. Hotmail has promised free POP support soon however, so it should start working from that point (and if you have a premium Live account you’ll be able to use it now – probably). It’s priced at 0.99c a backup or $1.98 a month, which is pretty reasonable methinks.

First, you start by entering your email account information (for any IMAP or POP3-enabled email account). StashMyMail can then login and begin its work. will copy all the emails it finds into one convenient ZIP archive file. You can then download this ZIP file and easily expand it’s contents onto your PC. All emails are saved in standard text and html file formats, which means you won’t need any special software to open your archived emails. For your privacy, your emails are never stored on our servers.

Stash My Mail - quick and easy bulk archiving of your webmail messages - The Red Ferret Journal

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