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Force Google search results to open in new window (or tab)

Google Search offers this quite useful feature of opening search results you click on, get opened in a new tab in firefox or in a new window in internet explorer.

Why To Open Search Results in new window ?

We all use google for searching information and when we search for any information, we get a number of search results, and deciding which search result out of all those search results is best involves checking out some of them.

In order to check the search results we used to right click that search result and select open in a new window.

But, it becomes quite tedious when you right click on every new search result to open in new window.

With google search preferences you can set this cool feature to Open search results in a new browser window with single mouse left click.

Let’s see how to open search results in a new window.

How To Open Search Results in New Window

1. Open

2. Click Preferences


3. Now check the option which says - Open search results in a new browser window


4. Now, Click the button at the bottom right, Save Preferences


5. You will see, a window saying your preferences have been saved


6. That’s it, now all the results will open in a new window when you single mouse left click.  

Force google search results open in new window or tab on single mouse left click

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