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USB Photo Scanner

USB Photo Scanner - 5 megapixel scanner converts old photos to digital at the press of a button


USB Photo Scanner. This clever new box of tricks uses a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor to scan those old photos in our attic and turn them into glorious digital images which can be stored, shared and enjoyed the modern binary way. The device offers up to 1800 dpi resolution and 10 bits per color channel, whatever that means. The only drawback is the fact that you’ll need to manually press that button for every print you want to convert, which could get a bit wearisome after a while. $149.95.

This device quickly and easily converts photographs into digital images, allowing you to confidently preserve your memories for generations to come. Faster and easier than a conventional scanner, this device instantly captures the whole image using a 5 MP CMOS sensor, the same found in digital cameras. With up to 1,800 dpi resolution, 10 bits per color channel, automatic exposure control and color balance, clear, accurate digital images are assured. Photographs are placed into a tray that slides into the converter; the touch of a button records the image instantly. For photo transfers and power, it has a USB cable that plugs into a PC running Windows…

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