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CellBackup automatically backs up all the valuable information in your phone, including contacts, audio, pictures and videos. Should you ever lose or replace your phone, you can easily restore all your valuable data to your new phone. To complement this service, the website enables users to easily manage their content as well as create groups and share lists of contacts, photos and videos! Download CellBackup today and always be protected and up to date!

CellBackup Features
- Automatically back up contacts, pictures, audio and video
- All backup and restore functions occur wirelessly so you never need to plug your phone in to sync
- View and manage your content online at
- Stringent security measures to ensure your data is always safe

Groups and Sharing
- Create groups and share lists of contacts, pictures and videos
- Updates to group information is automatically sent to everyone in the group
- Manage centralized address book for you family, friends or business

CellBackup Website Features
- Add, edit and delete content
- Manage which content is saved to your phone
- Create lists and share those lists with friends and colleagues
- Import Microsoft Outlook® and Yahoo!® contacts
- Print contact lists

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