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Turn Your Friends into Travel Advisors

GTrot Turns Your Friends into Travel Advisors

There’s shortage of travel sites with social element but GTrot takes a unique approach by turning your network for Facebook friends into travel advisors.

The secret sauce in GTrot’s approach is the use of your Facebook network. When you tell GTrot that you want to go to New York City, GTrot combs through all your Facebook friends and looks for people with connections to NYC. It’s quite thorough and will find people who live in NYC, who have checked in with geo-location tools in NYC, who used to work in NYC, etc. Then it compiles a list of all the people with ties so you can easily contact them and ask for travel tips and must see sites and events when you’re in the city.

If you’re comfortable using Facebook like this and having GTrot essentially mine your contacts list to help you plan a better trip, it’s a really need take on the old standby of calling friends local to your destination and asking what’s going on.

GTrot [via Mashable]

GTrot Turns Your Friends into Travel Advisors - How-To Geek ETC

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