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Check If Your Password Has Been Compromised

ShouldIChangeMyPassword Tells If Your Password Has Been Compromised

The last year has seen a number of high profile security breaches. ShouldIChangeMyPassword tells you if your login was among the compromised.

The biggest problem with the compromises (such as the high profile ones at Sony, Gawker, MySpace, and more) is that many people use the same password for multiple services. Once hackers know your login at one service they can then try it out at multiple services and potentially gain access to other services.

ShouldIChangeMyPassword calls on the released databases (many of the hacking groups released the compromised account databases as evidence of their successful breach) and tells you if your email as among the breached systems. We plugged in an email address we knew had been involved in at least one breach last year. Here were the results of the search:

So what do you do if your email address shows up as a breached account email address? You need to start changing your passwords. Check out our guide to recovering from a serious password breach for tips and tricks to help lock down your accounts with secure passwords. If you’re in the habit of using the same or similar passwords for most of the services you use, you should change them anyway. ShouldIChangeMyPassword only pulls from the databases that groups have released after high profile breaches; it doesn’t give you an absolute answer on whether or not all your passwords are secure.


ShouldIChangeMyPassword Tells If Your Password Has Been Compromised - How-To Geek ETC

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