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QTranslate - Free Translator Utility for Windows

QTranslate: A free Translator Utility for Windows 7

QTranslate is a free Windows utility that translates texts using online translation services. Once the text is entered in a text-box, it automatically detects the language and displays the desired output in the second text-box.

QTranslate 7 QTranslate: A free Translator Utility for Windows 7

Input is translated using the most popular online language translation service – The Google Translate (default). However, one is free to choose any other online sources provided below;

  • Yahoo! Babel Fish
  • Microsoft Translator
  • Promt Mobile
  • SDL

QTranslate 11 600x355 QTranslate: A free Translator Utility for Windows 7

Translations can be performed from within applications, such as browsers, PDF readers, word processors, etc. The program also includes a built-in spell checking utility that tracks spelling of the provided inputs and translated texts.

The text entered is invariably translated in English, by default, but one has the option to select any preferred language from the drop-down menu for translation.

Translation services can be toggled by clicking on any of the web service names from the bottom of the interface.

QTranslate has two modes of translation by mouse selection,

  • Show icon- A program icon appears near the cursor whenever a text is highlighted or selected. Clicking on the icon opens up a window that displays translation of the selected text.
  • Show translation- Instantly displays the translated text of the selected text in a pop-up window. The headset icon on the right bottom of both text-boxes is readily accessible that can make the tool speak the text.

Qtranslate4 400x224 QTranslate: A free Translator Utility for Windows 7

The program also provides a virtual keyboard that has the capability to scan and view history page. To access the keyboard, click the keyboard icon residing at top right corner of the main interface and select desired language from the drop down menu.

QTranslate 6 QTranslate: A free Translator Utility for Windows 7

Main features of QTranslate in a nutshell:

  • Translates text in any application that supports text selection (Acrobat Reader, Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Skype, etc.)
  • Text to speech synthesis and spell checking
  • Word suggestion/auto-complete (Ctrl+Space)
  • History of translations (Ctrl+H)
  • Virtual keyboard

Other settings for QTranslate can be configured from the system tray menu (Options). QTranslate 5 QTranslate: A free Translator Utility for Windows 7

Download QTranslate from here.

QTranslate is compatible with Windows 7 too.

QTranslate: A free Translator Utility for Windows OS | The Windows Club

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