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New Google Toolbar

New Google Toolbar

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This past Thursday, Google unveiled a new version of its toolbar.  It is still in Beta testing, but I have used it since Thursday and it appears to be ready for primetime.  It has several new features well-worth the upgrade from the first version of Goggle's toolbar.  CNN had this to say about it:

The new software out Thursday for the toolbar includes a feature that automatically blocks pop-up ads, as well a program that automatically fills out Internet forms seeking a customer's name and address.
The function that fills in forms offers an option to store credit card numbers too, but the information is encrypted on the hard drive of a user's computer instead of Google's computers, for security and privacy reasons.
The new features represent Google's most ambitious upgrade of its toolbar since the Mountain View, California-based company offered the software in December 2000. The toolbar works only on Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer, the world's dominant Web browser.

Google created the toolbar so users could conduct online searches without going to Google's Web site. The toolbar is embedded within the Explorer browser.
The pop-up blocker alone is worth the price of admission.  Those of you being driven crazy by ads popping up when you surf to different websites will welcome the relief provided by Google's new toolbar.  it won't block all pop-up ads, but it will block many of them.


Home Page


You can set the page that Internet Explorer opens every time it is loaded to any website you wish.  This is called the Home Page in Internet Explorer.  If you click the "Home" button on the top row of Internet Explorer, you go to this page. 

Common home pages are: Your company's website, Yahoo, CNN, MSN

At our Firm, I have created a customized Home Page that contains links to all the websites we routinely access.  I have made this page available to anyone who wants to use it.  MOst of our former employees still use it.  It is located at:

It can also be accessed from our website by clicking on de la O & Marko Menu (located bottom of the left column, under the picture of beauty and the beast).

You can set the website that Internet Explorer will use as its Home Page by doing the following:
1.  Start Internet Explorer
2.  Click on Tools along the top
3.  Click on Internet Options
4.  The first box you see there says "Address:" and there is some web address typed in.
5.  Type in the website you wish to be your Home Page and Click OK at the bottom.
6.  Done.  Click on the "Home" button and see if it works.

Filing emails

Filing Emails

NOTE: This tip is geared to those of you who work in offices where a one or two people are responsible for filing.

If you sometimes need to file hard copies of emails you send or receive, consider creating an email address called file@[yourcompanyname].com.  Emails to this address would be received by the person in your office responsible for filing.  If you receive an email you want printed and filed, you forward the email to file@[yourcompanyname].com.  If you are sending an email you want printed and filed, you send a bcc copy to file@[yourcompanyname].com.

The filing clerk's email program could be set to route such emails to a special folder.  Some email programs (such as Eudora) can be set to automatically print out any emails sent to the file@[yourcompanyname].com address.

Online Knowledge

Online Knowledge


Ever wondered how hybrid cars work? How is chocolate made? And I'm sure the science behind a bug zapper is just bugging you. If you're curious about how things work an what's behind the secret of some popular products, the Web (of course) is the place to look.

So here are a few places to point your browser: The name says it all. Originally founded as a Web site for curious people, the award-winning company offers clear and fascinating content on entertainment stuff, home stuff, computer stuff, auto stuff, and travel stuff. Almost anything you can think of can be found on this site. It comes with a brief overview of the item and simple graphics of how it works. gives tips on almost everything you could want to do. So you wanna throw a bachelor party? You'll find it here. So you wanna be a sitcom writer? Learn some tips. This site even has a bulletin board for posting questions you may not wanna find. The Kid-Friendly Expert Site! connects you with hundreds of real world experts, ranging from astronauts to zookeepers. These experts have volunteered to answer your questions for free!

Along the same lines, has all the answers from "how to get a boat in the water" to "how to choose a 401K program." eHow is a little different from the other resources as it provides links to content and instruction that can be purchased. It will cost you a bit to find the answer, but you'll get the precise details fast.



Internet Movie Database

Internet Movie Database

My wife says I am getting forgetful in my old age.  I insist that my brain is simply full.  Nevertheless, for those times when you see someone on TV or in a movie, and you're racking your brain trying to figure out what movie you once saw them in.......the Internet Movie Database (IMDB for short).  Located at

You can search by actor's name, movie title, director, writer, producer, character's name; you name it, you can search by it.  It tells you the locations of filming, the soundtrack, memorable quotes, goofs, trivia, and tons of other information about any movie or TV program.  It even rates movies.  When you're viewing a particular movie, clicking on an actor's name gets you a list of every movie and TV program the actor appeared in, bio information, pictures, websites dedicated to the actor, which of the actor's movies are being shown on TV this month, and much more.

ADDENDUM to yesterday's tip:  Several readers asked if I knew anyone who had used ZoneLD.  I have been using ZoneLD for over a year.  The call quality is excellent.  I wouldn't recommend the service if I didn't use it.  Also, you don't need to dial any additional numbers to use their service, just pick up the phone and dial.  The service is set up completely over the Internet.  You get your bills via email and can review all calls made on their website.